TeleCom Business Solutions, Inc. is a company based in South-Central Pennsylvania providing technology solutions to commercial clients based in our region. TeleCom provides low voltage cabling, telephone systems, camera systems, access control, cell phone boosting systems, paging systems, unified communications systems, IT services, and MSP services for our clients.

TeleCom was started in 1992 and has continued to strive to provide the highest level of service and installation work and are looking for other like-minded people to join our family.

We care about each of our employees and work towards making their role fit their career and personal needs.

Current Career Opportunities

Infrastructure Technician

Are you ready to learn new skills as a technician?

Does the thought of joining the telecommunications/IT industry spark an interest?

Are you the type of person who likes to dig in and learn through hands-on experience?

On the job, do you find yourself taking extra time to apply the finishing touches on everything you do?

Does the thought of breaking away from an office setting an into a physically active role sound like a great fit?


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